Latest Innovations in Male Sex Toys

male sex toys

While women are quick to admit a drawer full of vibrators, men are often reluctant to openly discuss the male masturbation toys that help them get it on. But the toys are out there — and they’re getting smarter, more versatile, and easier to use than ever before. The latest innovations in male sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, from motorized cock rings and pocket pussies to stroker sleeves and anal stimulators.

And while some of these kinky gadgets have been around for years, others are introducing new sensations to men and redefining the meaning of the word “masturbation.” For example, the Flip Hole from Lovehoney is one of our top-rated toys that’s able to stimulate the cock and asshole with a slew of textures and bumps. It also has a button-activated pressure chamber that can apply more or less pressure and is easy to lube for extra pleasure.

Another big area of innovation is the prostate. Straight men are discovering what gay men have known forever: That arousing the gland can elicit powerful orgasms and increase sensitivity during anal and oral sex. That’s why a number of men’s toys are now geared to the region, including the F1S V2 from LELO, which boasts a sexy design and patent-pending SenSonic technology that massages the anus and sphincter with pulsating waves.

There’s also the cock ring that doubles as a bullet vibrator and can be used alone or with a partner. Its ring-shaped inserts have multiple levels of vibration, and it can also stimulate the clitoris or perineum during penetrative sex. Another fun option is a dual cock ring from We-vibe that offers two different vibration settings and has textured inserts for stimulation of the cock, shaft, or testicles.

Of course, no discussion of sex toys is complete without mentioning condoms, and the latest inventions in this category are pretty hot, too. Among the most talked about is the HEX from LELO, which was dubbed by several publications as “one of the most important business advances in decades.” It’s designed with 350 hexagonal cells that create a condom both thicker and more flexible than its predecessors, while still being thinner and lighter than other popular brands.

The bottom line is that, no matter what sex toy you choose, there’s a lot of variety out there to keep it fresh — especially since men tend to stick to the same toys for extended periods of time. It’s worth a shot to try something new, especially with a partner, because “people report being happier and more satisfied in their sexual lives when they have more variety,” says a licensed therapist.

But just like your favorite iced coffee, sex toys are best when sanitized regularly with non-abrasive soap or a sex toy cleaner. And don’t forget to lube up regularly too, and preferably with a good anal lube to avoid any discomfort. If you need more sexy inspiration, check out these 10 kinky toys for guys or browse our collection of top-rated masturbators for all genders.

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