Top Male Sex Toys

top male sex toys

The sex toy world is more diverse than ever, and there are toys that can help any man get off — whether they masturbate alone or want to boost partnered pleasures. From prostate massagers for straight dudes to cock rings that rumble and harden, these men’s toys are designed to be used by anyone with penises and prostates, and are sure to satisfy the horniest of cocks.

Fortunately, sex educators and smart companies are finally bucking the stigmas around male masturbation and backdoor exploration, and there are more toys than ever that can enhance any masturbation session or elevate partner play. To find the best male sex toys, we talked to 17 different real blokes and women who work in sex shops, masturbation therapists, sex educators, sex coaches, and sex podcasters to discover their top picks.

According to pleasure aid company Womanizer, on average, men masturbate 155 times per year. That’s a lot of solo time — but there are also plenty of toys that can be used with a partner, as well as men who want to try their hand at anal masturbation for the first time.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers, also known as G-spot or P-spot stimulators, are incredibly popular with horny dudes. And for good reason — the glands at the base of the anal canal are packed with nerve-ending pleasure centers that can lead to incredibly orgasmic sensations. A great prostate massager will be firm enough to stimulate your G-spot, but soft and flexible enough for a comfortable feel. We love this one from Lovehoney, which has 7 vibration functions that are customizable for heartwarming tremors or ground-shaking pulsations.

For more advanced masturbation options, there are also men’s cock rings that can be used to stimulate the anal canal or as a mouthpiece during sex. These sex toys, like this one from New York Toy Collective, are designed to be used with lube and come in a range of girth sizes. The stretchy silicone design will fit snugly over the end of your penis and feels just like a real blowjob.

Another option is this high-tech masturbator for men from Autoblow, which uses artificial intelligence to mimic your partner’s oral reflexes. It connects to the internet via WiFi and lets you download 10 different blowjob presets that were expertly honed by machine learning algorithms. Unlike some other male masturbators, this one actually needs to be plugged in to work, but it’s worth it for the ultimate hands-free blowjob experience.

A male stroker that looks just like a set of colorful eggs, this fun toy is simple enough for beginners and has multiple asymmetrical textures that can be rubbed against the head of the shaft and the frenulum for a sensation that’s oh-so-heavenly. It’s even more enjoyable when lubed up with water-based sex gel. This stroker is also easy to clean and comes with its own discreet storage and drying case.

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