Buying a Sex Machine For Men

Almost every week there is a new male masturbator or sex toy hitting the market and with advances in technology, it’s possible to find a toy that can do just about anything you can imagine. Penis milking machines, strokers for the frenulum, dildos that can mimic the texture of a female cock and even sexy sex toys that make climax easier to achieve are now available from a plethora of manufacturers.

The variety of male sex toys is mind-boggling, and it is important to consider the type of stimulation you want from your device before making a purchase. Consider if you are looking for stroking, sucking, or thrusting and whether there is a range of speeds and patterns available. There is also the choice of a single or dual motor device, or something that can be used with a partner for couples stimulation.

Most male sex machines use some form of flywheel to translate rotational movement from the motor into linear motion on a thrust rod that can be attached to dildos or accessories. By altering the radius of the shaft on the flywheel, different thrust depths can be set up to provide a wide range of sensations for your pleasure. Some men’s sex toys can deliver thrusting of up to four thrusts per second, which is pretty wild.

A popular feature of some male masturbators is the ability to attach dildos with a removable sleeve. The sleeve is often made from tantalizing textures and can be swapped out for another to explore a new experience. Some sleeves are designed to mimic a life-like human genitalia, others are slick and smooth with little or no texture. A dildo that fits tightly in the sleeve will give you the most realistic feel and it is worth checking to see whether there are multiple sizes for a more snug fit or if the sleeves are interchangeable.

There are even sex machines that come with built-in dildo mounts which can be attached to a sleeve or to the machine itself for a more discreet experience. Many men’s sex devices can be used alone or with a partner and the addition of a remote control can add an element of fun to playtime. One of the newest male stimulation toys that works well with partners is the Hugo from LELO, which uses a double-motor build and curved sleeve design to get serious orgasms.

Some sex machines for men are designed to be as discreet as possible and can be used in the shower or bathtub. They are great for men who don’t like to have to worry about touching a dildo or getting dirty hands and will often come with a storage bag or box that you can place them in to keep them safe from prying eyes. Many of them will also have a discreet port for USB recharging which is super convenient. It’s important to remember that any sex machine, regardless of size or texture, needs a lot of lube for the best results. Make sure you always use a good quality lube and are in a safe area away from children, pets or nosy neighbors when using sex toys for men.

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