Best Sex Toys For Guys

Forget the blow-up dolls — the newest male sex toys are serious business. From strokers that stroking the prostate can feel like, to toys that massage your balls and add pleasure to the anus and sphincter, male sex toys are experiencing something of a renaissance. And while there’s a lot of attention given to the best Fleshlights, there are plenty of other toys worth checking out.

One of the most popular recommendations from our experts is the Tenga Flip Zero. This stroker has a canal molded with a rippled surface that’s smooth and ribbed to stimulate the prostate, along with a layered end orb with a more firm, wholesome sensation. “If you’re looking for a good masturbation toy that’s more intense than a typical stroker, this is definitely a must,” says Steve V. Rodriguez, host of the Talk About Gay Sex podcast.

Similarly, a favorite for some of our female editors is the Fun Factory Manta. This masturbation sleeve has an inner surface with bumps, ridges, and cutouts that mimic the texture of a vulva. Plus, it comes with a sleeve to insert the toy around the anus and sphincter for added stimulation. “This toy is great if you’re wanting to intensify masturbation or foreplay with your partner,” says Kit Richardson, buyer at the Museum of Sex and MoSex Shop.

Another recommendation from our experts is the Ohnut by Doc Johnson. This sleeve-style toy is designed to stimulate the anus and the P-spot, and is made with body-safe, phthalate-free PVC that’s latex-free, so it’s safe for people with allergies or sensitivities. The toy also has a stretchy exterior, which some people report makes it feel even more realistic.

And for those who want a little extra help stroking their prostate, the Lovense Edge 2 is another excellent option. It’s app-enabled, so you can play with it solo or give the honors to your lover, and its enlarged cup shape is designed to fit comfortably over the prostate for precise targeting. The toy is also designed to vibrate, which you can turn on or off depending on your needs.

In the category of masculine climax enhancers, there’s this guy called an Onacup. It’s an anal arousal tool that fits between your penis and sphincter, and has a suction cup at the bottom that feels slick against the skin. It has valves to control the suction, and nubs to provide additional stimulation to your anus and sphincter.

There are many more options out there if you’re into stimulating your anus or prostate, and there’s also bondage gear to get you closer to your partner (plus, it’s all a great way to relieve stress and boost the immune system). But our experts say that if you’re in the market for a new sex toy, start with these picks. They’ll make a big difference in your life and your satisfaction. Just don’t forget the lube. (Check out our guide to the best lube for men to get started.)

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