Getting Started With Male Sex Toys

male sex toys

Men can get a lot of pleasure from male masturbation aids too — whether they’re gay, straight or bi — and there are more toys than ever designed specifically for them. Sex toys can boost pleasure for you and your partner during solo masturbation or help with anal stimulation, an erection, prostate massage or cock ring use.

The options range from penis vibrators that look and feel like strokers to dildos that are inspired by alien ovipositors, and each has a different function and sensation. But they all do something important: They can help men build confidence and learn to enjoy masturbation on their own, or with a partner. This is great news for anyone who has a fear of touch, or feels uncomfortable with the thought of masturbating in front of a partner.

It can be a bit overwhelming when you first enter the world of male sex toys, but don’t let that scare you away. A little research and a good dose of lube can lead to an exciting new experience. Here’s a look at some of the best toys on the market, and some tips for getting started.

A penis vibrator is a small motor built into a silicone or TPE sleeve that’s slipped onto the base, shaft or head of a man’s penis for a discreet masturbation experience. These toys are great for practicing anal stimulation or building up to more intense experiences with a partner, and can be used during solo masturbation or in couple play.

Strokers are another type of male masturbation toy that looks and feels a bit like an artificial vagina or butt, with the added benefit of a textured interior for extra stimulation during stroking. Lovehoney has a lot of options, from simple strokers that are a bit more discreet to elaborate sleeves with ridge walls and textured bumps. The Flip Hole, for instance, has a canal that opens at both ends and features a layered end orb for a more complete masturbation experience.

If you’re looking for an added element of penetration, try a dildo. A single-ended dildo is a simple, classic option that’s available in multiple lengths, while double-ended dildos, such as this 18″ model from Mr. S Leather, are a great choice for two guys who want to play cheek-to-cheek. A stretchy ring, like this one from Primal Hardwere, is a unique toy for men that wraps around the shaft of the dildo and can be tightened or loosen for additional stimulation during penetration.

And for an extra special treat, try a cock ring that is shaped like the appendage of an alien spaceship and can be loaded with tiny “eggs” made out of a clear plastic gelatin material. The eggs can be pushed in and then out of the dildo for a fun, sensual experience. No matter what type of male sex toy you choose, be sure it’s made from body-safe materials, such as glass, stainless steel or silicone, which are easier to clean and less likely to retain harmful bacteria and germs than porous sex toys, like those made of rubber.

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