How Male Sex Toys Are Elevating Heterosexual Sex

male sex toys

At a glance, the male sex toy landscape is sparse. There’s a motorized cock ring here and there, butt plusses for the naughty or straight dudes who like to masturbate, and a few Fleshlight stamina toys. But if you look a little closer, you’ll find some intriguing advancements in the world of male sex toys.

While there may be some men who are ashamed to admit that they use sex toys, according to adult toy experts, about 45% of adult men own and use them – either alone or with a partner. And that number is rising, as male masturbation toys continue to evolve into sleekly designed objects that are just as kinky as their female counterparts.

A far cry from the infamous “Bianca” pneumatic sex doll seen in Lars and the Real Girl, these toys range from the discreet to the wildly orgasmic. But don’t be mistaken: male sex toys aren’t just for kinky men; they’re also great for couples who enjoy exploring their penises together and can elevate heterosexual sex to new levels.

For couples who want to turn up the pleasure in the bedroom, try a penis massager or an anal stimulator. The Flip Zero EV from Japanese sex toy company Tenga is a great example, with its unique sleeve that looks like it came straight out of Star Trek and dual vibrating cores capable of multiple vibration modes. It’s perfect for stimulating your anal canal and clitoris at the same time, or just massaging your prostate (aka your G spot) to get those orgasms rolling.

If you’re looking for a more discreet option, try a clear masturbation sleeve that feels smooth to the touch and cleans up easily. For a more precise stimulus, opt for this stretchy 6-inch transparent sleeve, which has a head molded to stimulate the anal canal or clitoris with precise stroking and vibration functions. It even fits snugly around your testicles to stay in place.

There’s also a growing trend in male masturbation toys that are meant to be used as anal stimulators for both straight and gay guys. The Quickshot Vantage from NJOY is a prime example, with a slim wand that’s perfectly shaped to fit into the anal canal for a throbbing stroking sensation, and a base that can be turned up or down for a firmer or softer feel.

And if you’re a dude who wants to get his hands dirty in the pleasure department, check out this anal grater from the sex toy brand Lovehoney, which features a wide base that enables you to rub up and down your penis for a heart-racing stroking experience. It’s also available in a double-knotted version that lets you include your testicles in the fun, or with a textured grip and heat function for an intense sensory experience.

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