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Top Male Masturbation Toys

While it may seem like men are afraid to admit that they masturbate, about 45% of adult men use a male masturbation toy – alone or with a partner. While men who masturbate with sex toys are not a new phenomenon, the current generation of male masturbation toys is more fun and realistic than ever before.

With the right toy, guys can enjoy a variety of stimulating sensations and achieve orgasms in ways that aren’t possible with their hands alone. The best male masturbation toys come in a range of shapes and sizes, from small pocket pussies to toys that closely resemble sex dolls. They can be inserted into the anal canal or into the penis and can be used by hand or with a vibrator for added pleasure.

Many of the top sex toys for men are designed to be pocket-friendly and mobile, allowing men to bring their masturbation toys with them wherever they go. These sex toys are often made of medical-grade silicone and are easy to clean. They also feel more realistic than their rubber counterparts, making them a great option for guys with any kind of sexual sensitivities or skin conditions. The Doc Johnson Super Stretch Stimulator Sleeves are a great example of this type of toy, offering textured sleeves that can be worn as cock rings, penis sleeves or ticklers.

Unlike traditional rubber strokers, the Flip Zero EV is a male masturbator that you can control with your smartphone. This smart sex toy lets you choose from several different stroke patterns and vibration settings for an orgasmic experience. Its internal sleeve slides against the head of your penis, causing toe-curling sensations as it moves up and down. This high-tech male masturbator is sure to please, but it’s important to note that the battery life on this one is a little shorter than some of its competition.

While the Flip Zero EV may be a bit pricey for a male masturbator, it is worth the investment because of its unique features. For starters, it comes with 10 different blowjob modes that can be switched up at any time using the intuitive buttons. The internal sleeve is also ribbed and textured to simulate the roof of your mouth, and it’s able to penetrate a tight cock with ease.

If you’re looking for a more low-tech masturbator that’s still incredibly effective, check out the Autoblow AI. This guy’s masturbation toy offers mind-blowing orgasms with no hands needed – all you have to do is insert it and turn it on. It’s a great option for guys who aren’t comfortable using their hands or don’t have the privacy to try more elaborate toys, and it works well in couples play too. Just be sure to use water-based lube for the most comfortable experience.