Best Sex Toys For Guys

best sex toys for guys

A renaissance has sprung up for the world of male masturbation aids. Ridiculous blow-up dolls are making way for sleek, high-tech masturbation sleeves and toys designed to elevate sexual pleasure with a partner. This shift is exciting, especially because sex toys can be one of the most effective ways to relax (fun fact: orgasms are proven mood boosters) and can actually have a positive impact on sex performance, too.

But it can be overwhelming to choose from all the options out there, and the best sex toys for guys can vary by person, so you need to know exactly what kind of stimulation you’re looking for before you can narrow down your choices. That’s why we asked 17 men — from sex shop owners and employees to sex educators, sex therapists, and sex coaches — to share their favorite male masturbation toys. Keep reading for the six best sex toys for guys, whether you’re looking to de-stress alone or kick your sexual play up a notch with a partner.

1. The Satisfyer Stroker

Most strokers are just a soft sleeve you can wrap your hand around, but the Satisfyer strikes back with an air-pressure boost and a stretchy Cyberskin material that makes for a satisfying texture. You can also use it with a water-based lube for extra sensations.

2. The Fun Factory Manta

The Fun Factory Manta is a cylinder-shaped toy that feels like a real vulva when you stick it on your penis or your partner’s clitoris. Its bumpy internal texture is great for pumping, and bigger guys will enjoy the added pleasure of rubbing against its rear wall. Plus, the toy is waterproof and made of medical-grade silicone, so it can be used in the shower or bath for a kinky massage that’s sure to get things going.

3. The LELO Hugo

A lot of sex toys for men look as good as they feel, and this prostate massager is no exception. Its curved, dual-motor build (one motor in each tip) leads to intense stimulation inside and out, and the fact that it’s remote-controlled means you can have it do whatever you want for an orgasm-indulging solo session or as an experience-enhancer for couples.

4. The Ohnut Flip Hole

One of Lovehoney’s top-rated male masturbators, the Flip Hole has ridges, bumps, and nodules that can be rotated to target various areas of the shaft, and it can be used with or without an erection for different pleasure. It’s also available in a stretchy polymer that’s compatible with silicone lube for added sensitivity.

5. The Throat Pocket Pal

You might not think of strokers as masturbation aids, but the truth is that men love them just as much as women do. And this sleeve, which has a single hole that’s molded directly from Sasha Grey’s throat, gives you a natural suction that can be intensified with a little sex oil or water-based lube. This toy also comes in a variety of colors for visual stimulation, and the company’s emoji stickers are a cute touch.

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