A Guide to Buying a Male Stroker Sex Toy

A male stroker sex toy is a textured masturbator that stimulates the shaft and glans of a man’s penis. They’re easy to use, discreet and offer a lot of pleasure options that mimic the feeling of blowjobs and handjobs. They’re also an excellent option for men with erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. Some strokers vibrate, suck and thump to add excitement to masturbation and sexual stimulation. Many are also modeled after the shape of a woman’s vagina, bum or mouth to enhance foreplay and partnered masturbation.

There are a variety of stroker designs that range from simple to more complex. Most are made of porous material such as thermal polymer elastomer rubbers (TPE/TPR) and plasticised silicone for an authentic feel. Most are designed to be used with lube and some have a textured interior for extra sensation and realism. Many of the models on this list also have a built-in heating feature for an added boost to the climax.

Some male strokers have a hard casing on the outside with a soft textured sleeve on the inside. These types of strokers like the Tenga Air Tech Reusable Sleeve and Satisfyer Men Masturbator are reusable and have an adjustable tightness setting to suit your pleasure needs. They are a little heavier than other male strokers and require a little more care, but they provide a different kind of masturbation pleasure.

Other male strokers are soft and open-ended, such as the Lovense Max 2. It has updated settings to give even more intense and orgasmic stimulation and is also suitable for couples’ play. This model has a smooth, ribbed texture that feels good against the shaft and frenulum of a penis. Its climax-stimulating canal is lined with tiny massage particles to further intensify stroking and climax pleasure.

Regardless of the type of stroker you choose, it’s important to start slow and get used to the sensation before turning it on or inviting a partner to join in. If you’re going to use the toy with a partner, they can massage the tip or head of the stroker for extra pleasure and excitement or try thrusting into it.

When using a male stroker, it’s best to apply a liberal amount of lube to the genitals and the stroker itself. The toy should also be applied with a firm grip for optimal comfort and to prevent it from accidentally coming loose or falling off. Once you’re comfortable, you can begin experimenting with stroking patterns and pressures to discover your own pleasure preferences. You can also try stroking with other erogenous zones such as the anus, testicles and nipples. Or, you can even try intercourse with a male stroker by inserting it into another sex toy like a vibrator for an exciting alternative to oral or anal pleasure. It’s also a great idea to take the time to clean the stroker thoroughly to ensure hygiene. Many models come with an easy-to-open opening, such as the Tenga Flip Zero, to make it easier and more fun to clean out any buildup of lube and dirt.

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