Best Sex Toys For Guys

best sex toys for guys

Sex toys are the perfect addition to your bedroom play arsenal. From Fleshlights to male strokers, these sexy devices can help you feel more passionate and intense during sex and solo sessions. They’re also a great option for partners, as they’re often remote-controlled and can be used to stimulate each other during the sex experience.

The best sex toys for guys range from expensive full-sized dolls to have sex with, to mini strokers and masturbators that are easy to hide. They’re typically made from soft rubbery materials and can mimic the feel of a human pu$$y or anus.


One of our most popular recommendations for new sex toy buyers is the Tenga Flip Zero, which has multiple vibration modes and is designed with grooves, bubbles and cutouts that can trigger different sensations in your genitalia. It’s also a favorite of several experts we spoke with, including Steve V. Rodriguez, the creator and host of the Talk About Gay Sex podcast.

It’s also waterproof and floats in water, making it the ideal choice for aquatic adventures. It’s safe to use in the shower or bath, and is completely discreet so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out.

Another popular recommendation is a “ring” toy, which can vibrate or pulsate and provide a new and exciting experience. Zachary Zane, a sex writer for Men’s Health, recommends them because they provide stimulation to the whole body while adding a new level of intimacy. Duran likes them because they’re versatile, and can be used with or without an erection.

Love Gloves

Masturbation gloves are a great way to add a little more excitement to your playtime, but they can be a bit too bumpy for some people. These soft, rubbery textured gloves are usually very affordable and are easy to hide, although they don’t feel as good as real masturbators.

Glass Toys

There are some pretty cool glass sex toys out there, and they’re a great option for those who are looking to mix things up. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including wands, dildos, and anal plugs. They’re made from borosilicate glass, which is the same stuff Pyrex is made of, so they’re durable and not likely to break down anytime soon.

Fun Factory ‘Manta’

The Manta is an award-winning stroker toy from German manufacturer Fun Factory, which has six vibration speeds and patterns to offer intense sex. It can be used on your own for stroking and head vibration, or with a partner to stimulate oral sex and penetration.

This sex toy is a favorite of some of our top sex experts, including Kit Richardson from the Museum of Sex and MoSex Shop, who says it’s perfect for people who want to take their sex to a new level. It has a flexible silicone head that flexes around the penis, and it features ridges along the inside that keep lube in place for longer, more satisfying glides.

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